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(Podcast #1) Sensory Processing: What is it and how does it impact us?

Happy New Year! One of Shenandoah Art Therapy's goals for the new year is to bring you a collection of free podcasts related to mental wellness. To kick it off, I had the great pleasure of speaking with a fabulous guest and colleague, Rachel Isak-Peer. Rachel is an Occupational Therapist at Western State Hospital and expert in sensory processing. In this podcast, she does a fabulous job answering the following questions:

1. What is Sensory Processing disorder?

2. Can people have sensory processing sensitivities without having the disorder?

3. How do people get diagnosed?

4. Is it too late to be treated as an adult?

5. What are the treatment options?

6. When would you recommend intervention as opposed to accommodation?

7. What resources are available in our community?

9. Are there other resources for individuals who are not in the area?

8. How could someone consult with you?

To listen, click here!

Here are links to the resources Rachel recommended:

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