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Free Tools for starting a great year!

Happy 2016! Whether you are easing into the new year or January 1st came and went in a flash, here we are in a new beginning. The new year may bring many thoughts ranging from 'this is going to be my year,' to 'here we go again.' With the expectations and demands of work and life, it can be difficult to be mindful of the significance of what the new year can symbolize. I believe it is important that we acknolwedge embarking on a new beginning in an effort to keep grounded and in sync with our rhythm in life.

Part of honoring this rhythm is thinking about where you’ve been (physically, emotionally, intellectually, etc.) this past year and where you want to be headed. Now, if you’re a goal-oriented person, you may be all over this time of the year and the cultural tradition of setting a new years resolution. If setting new years resolutions feels like it always sets you up for failure, then you may benefit from simply reflecting on what has happened over the past year. Either way, you can still benefit from the documents I have below as my new years gift to you.

This Year Looking Back

The first PDF is a 1-page document full of prompts for reflecting on the past year. Feel free to use the prompts to write, make art or simply ponder. You can download it here.


The second PDF is a 2-page document about how to create a new year goal the SMART way, with step-by-step prompts and examples. You can download it here.

Enjoy and here’s to a happy, healthy new year!

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