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Distressing and traumatic events can leave us feeling fragmented, isolated, on high alert, panicked, stuck in our trauma memories and nightmares and hopeless about our future.  The brain needs to process the events in order to register that the traumatic event isn't still happening.  We can help you do that with a safe and effective method using art and narrative. Read more...


Often, words are not enough to describe or make sense of our experiences, feelings and memories of what life brings us. We will partner with you to find safe and meaningful ways to meet your goals and we will adapt our strategies to meet your needs and ability level. Please call or email for a

free consultation.

Groups & Workshops

We offer groups and workshops to provide a variety of options for how you can engage in art therapy. We recommend our groups for anyone who wants to engage in art therapy, but also to connect with others during the process. It's also a great way to introduce yourself to art therapy and see if it feels like the right fit for you.

See our current group and workshops...



Laura Tuomisto, ATR-BC, CTT
Art Therapist/Certified Trauma Therapist
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I'm all about helping you get to the root of your symptoms to find relief.

When you treat the roots of your mental health symptoms AND get the skills to cope, your life feels so much better and you move in the direction you want.


I work with teens and adults, using art to move beyond words and help them recover from trauma, anxiety and depression. Through this process, my clients also discover their strengths, identify and change old, unhelpful patterns, learn valuable skills, and begin to thrive. Let’s work together to create the life and relationships you want. We won’t just talk -- we will use art and other strategies to create a deep sense of change and progress. Your life and relationships can transform. I am here to help you do just that.


When participating in art therapy, it is like you have two helpers: me and the art. Painting, drawing, collage, and sculpture are surprisingly powerful communicators and past clients have been astounded by what showed up and the insights that they gain through the process. By utilizing art, we tap into your brain in a very different way than just talking -- in a way that allows for new information to come to the surface and then allows you to shift how you are thinking about past experiences so you can feel hope for and look forward to what is ahead.

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I am here to provide you with the space and the materials to tell your story the way that you want to.

Maria Tricarico, MS, ATR-P
Provisional Art Therapist
Intake Coordinator

Sometimes it’s hard to find the words to talk about things. And that’s okay! Art therapy provides a unique opportunity to talk when you want to, and to use other means of expressing yourself when words don’t feel like they are enough. As an art therapist, I recognize that everyone has their own language and ways of processing things and I am here to provide you with the space and the materials to tell your story the way that you want to. The process of making art and engaging with your creative side can be a really powerful and helpful way to explore things that are going on in your life, and to help you find moments of insight, clarity, and peace. 


I work with preschool-aged kids to teens from a person-centered approach, which means that I believe and respect that every person has innate strength, wisdom, and a capacity for growth inside of them. I use a collaborative approach to therapy where the therapist and the client work together to determine goals for therapy and we can work towards them at a pace and in a way that feels good to you. I have previous experience working with adults, teens, and children seeking therapy for a broad range of reasons, including trauma, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, identity exploration, emotional and behavioral struggles, family conflict, or adjusting to life stressors. I have a MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a postgraduate certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy from Prescott College. I also have a BA in psychology and studio art from Houghton College. I am under the supervision of a board certified art therapist and am working towards my own ATR credential.


I’m excited to work alongside you and support you in your therapy journey.

Stephanie Laskowski, MA, ATR-P
Art Psychotherapist

I love working as an Art Psychotherapist and being witness to my client’s healing journeys. I work alongside the client to help them explore their personal goals for therapy and to help bring about positive change.

I work virtually with children, young people and adults to help support in trauma processing and mental well being. I have experience working with clients who present with a wide range of challenges; including trauma, anxiety, depression, negative thoughts and attachment difficulties. There are times that we do not have the words for our experiences, art therapy can help clients express and give voice to those experiences in a non-verbal way. I offer clients a space in which to explore art materials, better regulate their emotions, develop coping strategies and work towards their goals.

I have an MA in Art Psychotherapy from Leeds Beckett University (formally Leeds Metropolitan
University) in England and hold a BFA in Graphic Design from Maryville University St. Louis. I am registered with the Art Therapy Credentials Board as a provisional art therapist and am under the supervision of a fully credentialed art therapist.


Through the therapeutic process, I hope to bear the role as both guide and witness to each client’s journey for healing.

Juliana Haug, B.S.
ATC Graduate Student Intern

I received a Bachelor of Science in December 2021 with a Creative Art Therapy major and Psychology minor from West Liberty University. Currently I am a graduate student, with two semesters remaining, at West Liberty University studying for a Masters of Art in Art Therapy and Counseling. As a graduate student, I have had previous intern experiences working with a range of client populations including but not limited to adults, geriatrics, groups, and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, trauma, anxiety, dementia, ADHD, autism, and/or other presenting factors.


I foster the idea that each of us is designed to naturally create, express, and communicate. However, the means and capacity through which we convey our feelings is unique to each individual. Because I am heavily involved with art as well, I find that an impactful form of communication is through artistic media and its various applications. For me, art is a narrative. It is the ability to take an idea or interest and birth it into a visible conformation. This expressive journey, whether personal, observative, complicated, or straightforward, captures a story tailored to anyone’s personal experience and inspiration: a notion that the field of creative art therapy upholds. Through the therapeutic process I hope to bear the role as both guide and witness to each client’s journey for healing.


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