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Distressing and traumatic events can leave us feeling fragmented, isolated, on high alert, panicked, stuck in our trauma memories and nightmares and hopeless about our future.  The brain needs to process the events in order to register that the traumatic event isn't still happening.  We can help you do that with a safe and effective method using art and narrative. Read more...


Often, words are not enough to describe or make sense of our experiences, feelings and memories of what life brings us. We will partner with you to find safe and meaningful ways to meet your goals and we will adapt our strategies to meet your needs and ability level. Please call or email for a

free consultation.


We offer shorter-term full day and half day art therapy and trauma processing intensives as an option for clients who either travel long distance for our services or are looking to move towards their goals in a shorter length of time. We can work with you before you schedule to assess if this is an appropriate option for you. Please call for more information.



Laura Tuomisto, ATR-BC, CTT
Art Therapist/Certified Trauma Therapist
Director/Intake Coordinator

I'm all about helping you get to the root of your symptoms to find relief.

When you treat the roots of your mental health symptoms AND get the skills to cope, your life feels so much better and you move in the direction you want.


I work with children, adolescents and adults, using art to move beyond words and help them recover from trauma, anxiety and depression. Through this process, my clients also discover their strengths, identify and change old, unhelpful patterns, learn valuable skills, and begin to thrive. Let’s work together to create the life and relationships you want. We won’t just talk -- we will use art and other strategies to create a deep sense of change and progress. Your life and relationships can transform. I am here to help you do just that.


When participating in art therapy, it is like you have two helpers: me and the art. Painting, drawing, collage, and sculpture are surprisingly powerful communicators and past clients have been astounded by what showed up and the insights that they gain through the process. By utilizing art, we tap into your brain in a very different way than just talking -- in a way that allows for new information to come to the surface and then allows you to shift how you are thinking about past experiences so you can feel hope for and look forward to what is ahead.



I’m here to support you in moving towards self acceptance and remembering the wholeness that you already are.

Katie Duncan, MS 
Art Therapist

It takes tremendous courage to take your first steps towards healing! As an art therapist, I am honored to be a witness and ally in your healing journey. I’m here to support you in moving towards self acceptance and remembering the wholeness that you already are. I believe EVERYONE of us is an artist with a unique visual language, carrying messages and gifts to aid in our healing... if only we slow down and take the time to listen. My job is to help you access yours through creating a safe, non judgmental space where you can explore art materials, develop coping skills, learn how to regulate your emotions, process pain, build self esteem, cultivate joy and ultimately come home to yourself.

There are many ways we can do this together in a session. I come from a trauma informed perspective and understanding of neurobiology and use somatic (body centered) practices, mindfulness and various kinds of creative self expression. Most importantly we will help you discover the techniques and skills that work best for you. You are the expert in your own healing and I will always follow your lead. 

I’ve supported children, teens and adults with many different symptoms and life challenges including anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction, ADHD, learning differences, life transition, spiritual/existential issues, identity, grief and loss and chronic illness. I have my MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology: Art Therapy form Naropa University and a BFA in Studio Art from Virginia Tech.

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" -Pablo Picasso

Stacia Reinhardt, MA, ATR,
Art Therapist

I am currently an Art Therapist at Shenandoah Art Therapy, and also work in the central Virginia area providing outpatient therapy (combination of talk and art based). I graduated from Marywood University in Scranton, PA 7 years ago with a degree in Art Therapy and worked during my graduate studies providing art therapy groups to children and adolescents in regular and alternative school placements in the Lehigh Valley area. Post graduation, I worked providing art and talk therapy in client homes, first through a behavior-based program, then through a program following the Ecosystemic Structural Family Therapy model (ESFT). This greatly informed how I work with individuals and families, as I believe that our relationships from infancy onward impact our daily functioning.


In coming to Virginia, I continued to work with families and individuals, combining principles of CBT, Family Systems and Person-Centered theories, and adding training in Motivational Interviewing. I also work through a trauma-informed lens and take a special interest in working with families and individuals that are managing the fallout of trauma in their lives.


When not helping people find and live their best life, I enjoy hiking with my husband and dogs, any creative activity (does tiling a shower stall count?) and fostering homeless dogs for a local shelter.



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